Wednesday, October 24, 2007

American Baby Magazine Presents: Pumpkin Patch Babies!!

American Baby Magazine runs photo contests constantly. Well this one is just the cutest ever and just in time for Halloween! Check out some of the entries below:

Breast Cancer Awareness: "C" Is For Cure Onsies.

Even little ones can lend their support in these cute, "C" Is For Cure Onsies". Click here to purchase. Price Tag $14.99.

For Fashionista Moms: To Splurge or To Budget?

Burberry Infant's Duffle Coat, sizes 9 month-12 month

Old Navy Hooded Toggle Coat, sizes 6 month-5T

Hey Moms! This one is for the kiddies. I found a great coat a Saks Fifth Avenue (yes, I admit I love, love, love Saks) The coat is by Burberry, so you know it's not cheap, $253.00. But before I decided on that one I took a look at Old Navy. And guess what...I found a similar coat for only $25.88 regularly priced at $34.50. Check 'em out and you tell splurge or to budget?

To purchase the splurge item, shop online at To purchase the budget item, visit any Old Navy or shop online at

By the way, Old Navy is having a great sale...on everything!

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