Thursday, September 27, 2007


The Frog Pod by Boon, Inc. is one of the coolest products for young kids. It is a storage unit for your child's bath toys that suctions to wall of the bathtub. The back of the frog is used as a scoop for retrieving toys out of the water. It comes equipped with holes for air dryng ease. The Frog Pod can be found at most Target stores or online at and

Another cool product by Boon, Inc. is the Flair Elite pedestal highchair with pnuematic lift. It's super modern and boasts a sleek design. Available this fall, check for more information.

I am always looking for stylish yet functional diaperbags. This bag is by Keeta Collection, the creation of designers Robbin Mills and Vickie Ray. This bag is so hot that it is temporarily sold out. Check for pricing and availability.

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