Friday, September 28, 2007



This is a neat little service for moms on the go or just for folks, like me, that aren't that creative in the kitchen. Another "mompreneur", Christine Steendahl started Dine Without Whine a service that, for a small fee of $4.95 per month, provides the following...

A Personal Note From Christine (the founder)
Main Dish Recipes For Dinner Every Night Of The Week
Suggestions For Side Dishes
Brunch Ideas For Saturday And Sunday
A Couple Dessert Recipes To Be Used Anytime During the Week
Each menu will include a grocery list (categorized by aisle) for the week that includes all the necessary ingredients to prepare the recipes highlighted in the newsletter! All you have to do is cross off any items you may already have on hand - add breakfast, snack or lunch items you may need and you're ready to shop!

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